NorOak Tribe Sundays

Starting in October we will be meeting regularly on the 2nd & 4th Sundays @ 5:30pm in North Oakland @ Flying Studios! We are excited about this new location and look forward to experiencing ever more deeply the unconditional love that Jesus embodied. We gather as a community to practice being as fully human as we can possibly be, following the lead of the master of being human: Jesus.

We have other gatherings throughout the month. Like and Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Our Community

Our community is founded on the belief, and experience, that God is for us, all of us, not against us.  He loves us unconditionally and desires to bring good things into our lives. This love is most clearly seen in the person of Jesus.  And so, we make Jesus the center of our faith journey.

We recognize that people often do not find unconditional love in religious institutions, but rather the opposite.  Many of us have had that very experience. We strive to follow Jesus' example in the receiving and giving of that unconditional love.

We also find that we are in desperate need of help outside of ourselves to have hope that life will go well for us. Left to our own efforts, we always seem to come up short.

Because of Jesus there is...

Grace: We do not have to earn love and acceptance.  We are loved just as we are.

Hope: There is hope for change, inside ourselves, and in the world around us.

Community: We can have authentic relationships with one another that bring joy.

Steve and Audrey Childs  510-408-6391

Steve and Audrey Childs
Contact us at:
Or by phone: (510) 408-6391

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We are also partnering with our sister non-profit Trybe, Inc. to help host a playgroup for pre-school age kids (0-5) and their parents/caretakers.  We meet Wednesdays during the school year from 10-11:45am @ the Golden Gate Recreation Center: 1075 62nd St., Oakland, 94608.

And, seeking to bring the goodness of God's kingdom to our neighborhood, we continue to partner with some organizations like Santa Fe CAN (Community Association & Neighbors) and the Golden Gate Community Association.