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Join us as we share life together through studying the Bible, praying for one another, serving in the community, eating, and generally enjoying being with one another! Whether you are single. a young family with kids, love tennis, in college, or looking to find people to hang out with, Tribe has the perfect community group for you. All are welcome.

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Trybe Inc. Non-Profit building healthy community in Berkeley and Oakland

Trybe Incorporated is an independent non-profit that works closely alongside Tribe Church.  Born from the same roots and vision, Trybe’s mission is to build healthy communities from the street-level on up, with an emphasis on youth.  In 2008, Trybe began to have grass-roots community outreach events and services.  

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Tribe Is A Place For Your Kids

Kids have always been an important part of Tribe.  We have programs for kids at our worship services and most of our community services revolves around kids.

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