Being Rich and The Trinity (Luke 18:18-27 and 19:1-10)

Sermon Scripture (NIV): Luke 18:18-27 and 19:1-10

Rich Young RulerZacchaeus
  1. Approached Jesus directly.
  2. Asked questions.
  3. Loved by people. Humanity's best.
  4. Believed he could earn it.
  5. Looking for affirmation. Thought he was ready.
  6. Valued money over Jesus.
  7. Live rest of life chained to wealth haunted by Jesus' words.
  8. Never gave Jesus the opportunity to forgive him.
  9. Trapped by importance of "I" - we never knew his name.
  10. Was dead and didn't even know it.
  1. Didn't approach directly/ask questions.
  2. Didn't believe he could earn it.
  3. Hated by people. Society's worst.
  4. Didn't think he was good, could earn it.
  5. Was ready and didn't even know it.
  6. Valued Jesus more than money.
  7. Live rest of life dedicated to ministry of service and charity.
  8. Jesus had opportunity to put it on the line for him.
  9. Immediately made the choice for "we".
  10. Zacchaeus: we know his name! Alive as one can be!