North Oakland Update

Dear Tribe Family,

As Dennis mentioned a couple weeks ago, we'd like to give you some updates on what's going on with the different sites these days.  It's an exciting time of expansion for Tribe and we're grateful to be a part of it with you guys!  Here's the latest on what's happening with North Oakland Tribe.

This past year has been a year of preparation, both for us personally, and for us as a community.  He has brought together an awesome group of about 12 people who form the core of North Oakland Tribe, and He has been bonding us together through our weekly community group and outreach activities in the community, like our Good Friday Art Show back in April, and our continued work with Love Never Fails (organization fighting human trafficking).  The strength of this core will be key going forward.  We trust that God will bring new people to us who are seeking him, and this core will be the ones to welcome them and help usher them into God's presence and his grace.

This fall we are focusing on building the site in three main ways:

1. Outreach in the Neighborhood

2. Two preview worship gatherings.

3. Weekly Community Group


1. Outreach in the Neighborhood

- Love Never Fails: Several of us went to a training over the summer to help with their anti-abuse program in Oakland Public schools.  They will be running this program, at the invitation of OUSD, for every 7th grader in the school district.  I'm excited for us to be a part of helping these kids learn about abuse, find help, and learn how to love better!

- Project Peace East Bay- Several of us volunteered on Saturday August 23rd at Emerson Elementary School, helping them to get ready for the school year, cleaning up the yard, scrubbing down the play structure, working alongside teachers to get their classrooms ready for the first day of school.  We're looking forward to partnering more with Project Peace to meet needs in the North Oakland area.

- North Oakland Restorative Justice Council- We have gone on a couple peace & justice walks with these guys in North Oakland and are excited about their vision for building community and bringing people together.  One of our group may also have a chance to volunteer with Phat Beets Produce, a partner group with the justice council, doing food justice, community gardens, community development, etc.

These are all exciting opportunities to connect with people and show the love of Jesus.

As we begin this new community of faith in North Oakland we believe it is critical to pursue both the going out and the inviting in.  Going out into the neighborhood to show love, and inviting people into a relationship with the God of love.

That's where worship gatherings fit right in.

2. Two Preview Worship Gatherings

- We have tentatively set two dates, October 26th and December 21st, for our two preview gatherings this fall.  Those are both Sundays and we plan to hold them at 5pm in the evening, with dinner to follow.  We are currently beginning to look for a location for these, so please be in prayer about that and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

3. Weekly Community Group

- The regular connection time we have at community group is invaluable for growing in our relationship with God and with one another, and providing the foundation for our other projects and adventures.  It's a place where we can invite people in to join us in our journey of faith, and also a place where we can prepare to go out and actually go out together.  We're planning to go out in the community to do some kind of service activity once a month this fall.

Here are some things you can be praying for:

- Continued growth and bonding for our core group

- that God would bring new people to join us in this adventure

- that God would open more opportunities to love people in our community

- A location for our worship gatherings

Thanks for reading and being on this adventure with us!


Steve, Audrey & Lucas