New babies at Tribe!


Help us celebrate and support Aimee George (her baby girl is named Malak) and her family and the Childs (their baby boy is named Oliver) by signing up to bring a meal.

Aimee’s Meal Plan: If you can deliver directly to Aimee's house, sign up for a Friday. Parking can be a challenge and they have dogs. If not, bring meal on a Sunday by signing up for a Sat/Sun/Mon - you can bring the meals to church on the Sunday of that weekend. Andrew can drop them off on Sunday afternoon.   Here is the link:

Child’s Meal Plan: Even if you are not quite sure what you would like to bring, it would be great if you could still choose a day so that Audrey and Steve don´t have to worry about planning something else.  Also, if for some reason delivering on a different day of the same week fits into your schedule, just check with Steve about the day you would like to deliver and then select your own date on the sheet. Thank you all again for your desire to help out the Childs while they are all finding their rhythm. Link to sign up: