Charge at Ordination (a Template)

[Ordainee Name], we charge you today;

Hold to Jesus, to His Gospel, to His church; without superiority or arrogance, but with meekness and strength that can only come from the Holy Spirit; determine to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified;

Keep Scripture close to your heart, always seeking God’s Words rather than your own—as Joshua stayed in the tent after Moses had left encouraging others to do the same—as Jesus would often say “how does it read to you”;

Bear with the people God has given you to shepherd; with patience, love and endurance; protect them with gentleness, and with the ferocity that caused David to grab the bear and the lion by the beard;

Trust in the same God that saved David; in patience wait for God to work out His plan; as David waited, everyone throughout Scripture had to wait; Wait for God to move and soften hearts, remembering that if God is willing to work with you, then He is willing to work with anyone; Wait for God to prove His leadership through you;

Listen to God’s direction, Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh but he went solely because God sent him;

Work hard at the work God has called you to; work with the people God has called you to; work with your spouse; like Priscilla and Aquila, let your names be together; work to be at peace with everyone; as Jesus said, make friends quickly on your way to court;

We charge you today to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified, to shepherd God’s people where ever He calls, to be faithful to the work to which you are called—a calling we as God’s people affirm today