How to BBQ for 80 People


Baby Back Ribs
Corn on the Cob
Potato Salad
BBQ Beans

Sliced Bread
BBQ Sauce
Butter Chips

Ingredients and Tools

16 racks of Baby Back Ribs
12 Whole Chickens
40 Links of Sausage
80 quarter pieces of Corn on the Cob
80 servings of Potato Salad
80 servings BBQ Beans
12 Loaves of Bread
80 Butter Chips
4 sticks of Butter
60 servings of Dessert
8 gallons of Lemonade
3 gallons of BBQ Sauce
1 gallon of apple vinegar
Cajon Spice
Brown Sugar
Pure Maple Syrup
Bacon bits or slices
Large and Medium Tins
Large and small tin foil
Napkin wipes
2 large bags of Wood Coals
Fire starters
Fire sticks
3 thermometers


Serving spoons
Cutting boards
Knives and cleavers
2 Large pots
Large and Medium Ice Chests


Night before:

  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Set up serving table with plates and utensils
  • Set up Chaffing dishes
  • Vinegar and Cajon spice Ribs
  • Cut chickens in half and spice with Cajon and Paprika
  • Mix up beans and put in tins with tin foil on top
  • Slice bread in half diagonally
  • Butter and salt corn and wrap in tin foil

Day of:

07:00am – Set up BBQs with canopies, Light coals
07:30am – Beans Ribs on bottom, ribs on second, chicken on top
08:30am – Mix up BBQ sauce on stove, heat to a boil then turn off and cover
09:30am – New coals, rotated food, add sausage to top
10:10am – Pre heat oven
10:30am – Corn in Oven
10:45am – Boil water for chaffing dishes
10:50am – Put BBQ sauce in Crockpot leaving the rest simmering on stove
11:00am – Take out chicken and ribs and put in ice chest
11:10am – Mix up lemonade w/o Ice
11:15am – Put boiling water in chaffing dishes and light sterno
11:25am – Put beans and corn in chaffing dishes
11:30am – Put ice in Lemonade
11:35am – Put out butter chips and potato salad in ice
11:40am – Put out sliced bread
11:45am – Start cutting up ribs and chicken and putting in chaffing dishes
12:00pm – Serve food
12:30pm – Condense serving tables to one and put out desserts on the fresh one
01:00pm – Start clean up